Monday, April 7, 2014

The California Life

This Sunday, like a kid on Christmas morning, I woke up unbelievably excited because I was going to the beach! I couldn't wait to take the hour drive to destination: Paradise. I happily slathered on my SPF, packed some sandwiches, snacks and of course wine along with my beach blanket, threw on my shades,and was out the door. Oh, and of course, naturally, I dressed like a modern mermaid, spritzed my hair with sea salt spray, and  even packed on the gold foil shimmer eyeshadow. :)

A Bay Area girl through and through I decided a couple years ago to move to San Diego. It was a great few years of living with two of my best friends, club hopping in the Gaslamp, meeting amazing people, and of course practically living at the beach. I got really spoiled as many San Diegans do, and probably the reason they never leave, because they either get the luxury of living on the beach or having access to it within 10 minutes. Now that I am back in the Bay Area I have realized that it was the best decision I have made in a long time. I feel a deep connection to this place I call home and wouldn't have it any other way. It's not 75 degrees all year round but I like it that way. We have everything and more here; art, culture, diversity, amazing food and of course sky-high rent prices but the one thing that has been calling my name to head back down south is the hot sand, crisp breeze and smell of the ocean one can only find at the beach.

Although I no longer reside in Sunny San Diego I am unbelievably lucky to be a California girl. We have every terrain possible within just a few hours drive. Want snow? Head to Tahoe. Want city? San Francisco or LA is a hop skip and a jump away. Want mountains, hills and camping? Umm, yeah beautiful Yosemite and many more amazing campgrounds exist here. Want the ocean? Drive an hour to the coast nestled in the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz. Which is exactly what I did this Sunday.

Who needs San Diego when I can drive an hour to the Santa Cruz coast!? Luckily we have been going through an insane heat wave this "Spring" and I was able to go visit the sunny sands of Capitola in April.
My friend and I had the BEST day. We didn't listen to the radio on the entire drive through the beautiful 680 through San Jose and along the windy CA 17 and instead just lusted after the beauty of the green hills, valleys, and the way the clouds float in the crisp blue skies. "This looks exactly like Italy"  my friend said. "We live in the most beautiful place ever", she continued and I can not help to agree.

Once we reached Capitola and found parking we headed down the hill towards the ocean breeze but were stopped by the perfect metaphysical shop that one could only discover in a sleepy beach town. Its called Avalon Visions.  It reminded me of the one I used to frequent in Ocean Beach in San Diego called Tree of Life and I was happy to find something comparable here in the Bay Area.  We spent an hour or so observing a photo of a woman's aura being captured, talking to the lovely shop owners and perusing the crystals and oils. In case you haven't realized I am a witchy woman at heart.

Amazing selection of crystals for an affordable price at Avalon Visions

Each oil serves a different purpose. The "Money drawing" oil actually has strips of cash in it. I ended up getting the "Divine Love" oil because, well, why not?

After purchasing some rocks, oils and candles we plopped down on the beach. The sand was beneath my toes and I was one happy lady!The rest of the day consisted of beach napping, reapplying the SPF, playing with a Shitzu-Yorkie mix named Bella, complimenting little-ones on their rad swimsuits, drinking wine with strawberries, and just generally chillin. It was so relaxing. On the ride home in my best friend's convertible while blasting and swaying to the dopest beats on the radio I could not help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude for being a California girl.

Outfit Anatomy
Bathing Suit - Target
Mermaid Skirt - Twirl, San Diego

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Splashed Bomber

This jacket though.

I needed it in my life the moment I saw it hanging on the rack at AMVETS in San Diego. A shiny over-sized bomber with an awesome floral print that reminds me of a kimono and the A must have combination. The best part is that it is reversible! SOLD! Everyone knows I love me a 2 for 1. I styled it with a braided belt that defined my waist, which definitely got lost in this voluminous beauty. Every tiny person knows that if you have top volume you gotta dwindle it down on the bottom half. My disco pants were perfect for the job. Love this outfit. I felt like some sort of Pointillist Gangster that roamed the streets in the 80's.

Outfit Anatomy
Jacket: Thrifted
Dress: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Leggings: Flashbacks, San Diego
Boots: Gifted from Mom, Aldo

Until next time,

<3 Sab

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Clash of Decades

(A new meaning to "be" the fence. So white but I love it)

(Can't keep a straight face like ever)

Outfit Anatomy
Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Belt: Gifted from Grandma
Leggings: Gifted
Boots: Gifted from Mom, Aldo

I am absolutely obsessed with black and white anything. I don't know why but most of the time it's the clearer option for me and is a lot easier to accessorize. A black and white outfit also tends to compliment my hair when it decides to shows its red side- rawrr. I nabbed this little checkered number at a thrift store in San Diego. Hello 90's - my fav! While I adore its boxy feel this teeny lady's body needs to look proportioned! I'm all for the "over-sized" look and to be honest I've been wearing it most of my life considering nothing ever fits (even my first baby outfit from the hospital was three sizes to big for a peanut like me), but a good belt is perfect for bringing an outfit together and defining the waist. My grandmother just recently gave me "her favorite belt" which now of course is my favorite belt. This amazing silver sand dollar belt is probably from the late 70's early 80's (grandma didn't say) and is the perfect compliment to this little 90's dress. One of my favorite things to do is to clash decades or pair something vintage with something ultra modern for a new twist on an everyday look. I was going for a more casual look so I added my clunky boots but this outfit could be kicked up a notch with some fun printed kitten heels and maybe some colorful tights! What are your favorite decades to clash?

Forever a 90's kid,

<3 Sab

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Everyday is a Gift

Take a few minutes to think of all the great things you get to experience every day.

This week I am ever so thankful for:

  • Talks with best friends

  • Green tea & Honey

  • The amazing costume styling on AHS: Coven

  • Having running water

  • The nice handy man who came and fixed our heater that all of a sudden would not turn off


  • it will make you smile or cry or both

  • Being able to bar-tend with my Dad to make some extra dough

  • Footy Pajamas

  • Getting to spend time with good kids that respect others and have a pretty cute smile

  • Old co-workers & friends still looking out for me

  • Good interviews

  • Working out my body & getting stronger!

  • Re-visiting old dreams

  • My health! 

Life is about the journey,

<3 Sab

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Operation Organization: Makeup & Vanity

OK. So, I have a confession to make. 

My name is Sabrina and ....I. AM. A. MAKEUP. JUNKIE.

Ah, it felt nice to get that one off of my chest. 

But really.... I have caboodles, bags, and boxes of makeup. And of course I tend to use the same thing everyday which is just a fat waste of product and space! So in honor of utilizing what I have and getting organized in 2014  I decided to figure out a way that I can display everything I have with a lot more order and visual appeal. This is how it looks after a few hours of organizing. :)

Instagram Pic @fabsabagram

Thanks to my best friend's awesome bargaining skills I got this vanity a couple years ago at a thrift store for just 15 bucks! Its a little scratched, is missing a drawer and probably once belonged to a nine year old but I love it! She also made the sweet chair.

Here are some quick tips I used to keep it all together and accessible:

1)  Clean & Dust! Make sure everything is so fresh and so clean, clean before you go ahead covering your space with containers and products you put on your face everyday!

2) Make your brushes, eyeliners and lip liners accessible. Get some containers. I got some at Target and I had some glass ones left over from a previous project that I wasn't using. I organized them by category;  glosses, liners, brushes and foundations. I also found an old soap tray that I used for bigger awkward items like lotion, deodorant, creams etc. YAY for utilizing more stuff that I already own! I happened to have these white rocks laying around so I went ahead and filled the containers with them. It helped raise up my smaller makeup brushes so they are easier to see and it looks nice!

I also saw a great version using sand, if you have the space and don't have a cat that can potentially knock it over. Why do they always have to jump on stuff?

Pink sand! YES please.

If you don't want to spend any money, or very little which I am all for, there are some easy things you can find around the house or save after using. Save those jelly or mason jars, get some cute cups on sale at Target or even at the dollar store, re-use aluminum soup cans (peel the labels off and make em' pretty). There are plenty of things you can use that you already own if you just think about them in a new way!

These glittered-up mason jars are adorable. I  might have to make some in the future...

3) Place all your lipsticks in color groups. Reds, Nudes, Pinks. That way you can see what you own (always buying the same shade of pink perhaps?) and its easier to grab. I used a three-section plastic container from Target. I also added a section for chap-stick and balms because I use those every day.

4) Create your own makeup "tray". I use mineral makeup and lets face it, it gets all over. I needed something that I could place it on that would be easy to clean, instead of it dropping onto the wood surface of my vanity. I thought I could get an old vanity mirror but I wanted instant gratification so instead I went searching through my cupboards for something to use. I ended up finding some old picture frames that were not being used. I figured I could do some type of collage inside but instead I found a scrap of old fabric that made it look pretty! It was pretty simple I just wrapped the cardboard that came in the frame with the fabric I had and glued it down. Then I slid the cardboard back into the frame and voila! Instant, printed, makeup tray. :)

5) Get your hair tools all in one place. If you don't put your tools in your bathroom you can consider storing them in a pretty box, or those plastic rolling containers. I got this handy rolling cart from the Container Store. It holds all of my irons, hair brushes, and blow dryer and I also added my makeup pallets on top. It fits in small spaces easily too!

This isn't a bad idea for makeup pallets either! Organize them by using pot lid holders!

There is also this magnetic makeup board which I will be making in the future! Perhaps I can do a DIY post!

I hope my tips have helped you! What are your makeup & beauty organization tricks?

No longer wondering where "that-one-lipstick" is,

<3 Sab

Monday, January 6, 2014

Something Wonderful

Everyday you wake up you have something to be thankful for (even on Mondays, eww). Your bright eyes open, you are alive, breathing, you have a warm bed to get out of and hot water to shower with. You have lights so you are able to see into your refrigerator, that is full of your favorite food, and your closet full of fabulous clothes. Those fabulous clothes keep you warm and hopefully stylish during your day at your wonderful job that pays for all those fabulous clothes, hot water, electricity, dinners out with friends, and toys for your precious pet. As if those things that we take advantage of by the minute, if not daily, are not enough to be thankful for, somewhere along your day something even more wonderful happens in your life. You may not even see it if you are not paying attention.

It could come in the form of getting an extra discount on that already discounted sweater you have been eyeing. The perfect apartment could suddenly become available. A company recruits you on LinkedIn. The show you were dieing to watch last week but didn't have time for repeats on TV one night when you are available to park your butt on the couch. A dear family member or old friend calls that you haven't talked to in a while. You & your boyfriend get off work early- thus creating an unexpected date night! A new awesome movie becomes available on Netflix (thank you!). An incredibly nice phone operator decides to grant you a break on that bill you paid late, or those loans that are past due. You happen to get the BEST parking spot at the store or near your building. You happened to stop at the store on your way home and just happened to avoid the traffic from an accident on the freeway, and you got some yummy food for your lunch tomorrow- double win! The list can go on and on.

I do not believe in coincidence. I believe that everything happens for a reason and those reasons start to stack up and surround you until you start to build a wonderful life. So when life hands you lemons remember all the wonder that you encounter each and every day. When you start to pay attention.... what you see might just blow your mind. :)

Miracles do happen,

<3 Sab

Monday, December 30, 2013

5 Goals for 2014!

2013 was not too shabby. I experienced joy, sadness, love, loneliness, accomplishment, and times where I felt I could have done better. Great memories were made with friends both new and old. I moved back to the beautiful Bay Area, am closer to family, and I even started writing this blog!

So 2014 is awaiting full of greatness for me. I can feel it. Things are only going to get better. Another year older another year wiser.

These are my goals for 2014:

1. Get Organized!! I used to be Mrs. Post-its, highlighters and planners then somewhere along the line (college and afterwards) that all dropped off and I became a little scattered. The truth is I love organization. I love color-coding, labeling, creating a space for everything and of course coordinating it all so there is a cohesive design, but for some reason I stopped doing it. So this year I am getting back on the organization band wagon. My room, my wardrobe, car, and life in general will be getting it together! I also will be using these helpful tips from this article 26 Resolutions to Keep you Organized in 2014 on Buzzfeed. Organization not perfection. I like a little disheveledness in my world. ;)

2. Live every day to be Inspired, Motivated, Loved, Impactful, Abundant and Free. Thanks to my girl Danielle LaPorte for giving me a new way to look at my goals, and how I live my day to day life. Danielle is the author of an amazing goal setting book called the Firestarter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms. It is a refreshing no holds bar look at wanting what you want and going after it. She says "Getting clear on how you want to feel in your life + work is more important than setting goals. It’s the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and it’s what leads to true fulfillment." I believe this statement to be true. How can you get clear on what you want if you don't focus on how it's going to make you feel? With Danielle's book as a guide I did some exercises to find out how I really want to feel and those five feelings: Inspired, Motivated, Loved, Impactful, Abundant and Free, are what I aim for everyday. These specific feelings bring joy to my day and make me my best self. Check out her book, its a refreshing in your face read.

3. Travel. I was fortunate enough to do some little trips this year but in 2014 I want to visit my friends more! For some reason I have developed a little fear of flying long distances. Don't know why but I need to suck it up! Everyone is in a different place and sometimes life gets in the way but I really want to make an effort to go visit the people I love. My uncle lives in Texas and I need to make a trip out to see him too! I also want to go meet my half sister for the first time this year in Tennessee! Really the East Coast (still have never been to NYC)  and the South ( New'ohhhlins) are calling my name this year, and as for International travel a trip to Italy or Ireland would never hurt!

4. Fall In Love. New guy (the love of my life perhaps), new city, new friend, new favorite ice-cream, new decor, or a new perspective - whatever the case I want to fall for it. Completely head over heels, openhearted, vulnerable to a fault LOVE. As another year passes there is more heart-break, more violence in the media, more disappointment. Sometimes we need to take a fresh new look at the world. There is still a LOT of good in it. I want that little- kid anything-is-possible-and-everything-is-great feeling again. I want to be Ariel when she sees a fork for the first time. "Look at this thing! Isn't is great!?" Could you imagine being THAT excited to see a fork? Yeah- exactly. We need more of that.

5. Healthy Mind, Body & Soul. Clear skin, shiny hair, good sleep, flexible bod, strong arms, happy heart, light & energized, and healthy diet. Mom and I are already starting to eat clean by getting plenty of fruits, veggies, drinking lots of water and kicking the boxed and high sugar foods. We definitely are going to watch what we put into our bodies but wine will always be there, lets just be honest.

Cheers to reaching your goals and having a prosperous 2014!

Getting the champagne ready,

<3 Sab