Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Stuck in Neutral

I'm not going to lie life is a bitch sometimes. Its up and down. One day it seems all is going so well then a curve ball gets thrown right at your face and it fucking hurts. I'm not referring to petty things like mundane traffic, or having an encounter with a less than enthusiastic or incompetent clerk at the grocery store. Think your car breaking down when your bank account has $50 bucks left in it, a family member being diagnosed with a horrible fate, or getting laid off out of nowhere- the biggies. Then sometimes we are able to experience those magical once in a lifetime moments like being in a best friend's wedding, moving to an amazing city and feeling everything fall into place or being there for someone close to us when they need it the most. In these moments it feels like everything has added up and all the pieces just fit. Life really is a roller coaster with its twists, turns, manifesting into drama and pure bliss.

Then there are those times that just feel neutral. Even a roller coaster has it's straight aways but who pays any attention to them when all we want to do is get to the good stuff. Corkscrews! Loopty-loops! Drops that make our stomaches turn! Yes, the fun parts are the ones we anticipate but those boring straight aways are needed to build up to a steep drop or exhilarating corkscrew.  Like in life those straight and narrow, non-dramatic parts are Blah. Just fine. I'm sure I am not the only one that begins to panic when things are just OK.  It's not bad but its not amazing. And lets get real I am aiming for extraordinary, fine just won't do! But sometimes its in those moments between the drama and the happy adrenaline boosted high that the most change can occur. Although subtle these small changes can add up and before know it you have shaped yourself into a "new" you that will take that next exhilarating dip or turn.

I have to admit in these times of long stretches of open road along life I start to feel stuck and to feel un-stuck I need short bursts of drastic change. For me it usually manifests in hair color (my hair is now bright red again),  the rearranging of things (re-file paperwork, re-order closet, move furniture etc.). Right now I am re-hauling my physical space into a sanctuary filled with textures that inspire my every day, boost my creativity and give me a sense of home. So today I am thankful for the lulls in life. I can already tell I am building up to the next heart dropping moment by allowing subtle shifts to occur now making me who I will be along the next turn.

  • I am also incredibly thankful for:

  • Sing alongs to ballads at work with co-workers.

  • Sippin' on white wine with raspberries talking shop with my BFF.

  • Crafts and art projects that spark my inner child.

  • A spontaneous trip to the Marin Headlands

  • Local lavender infused honey.

  • Getting to spend a day in San Diego searching for Geo Cache with my little bro.

  • Discovering the beautiful textiles by this amazing etsy shop

  • Going to see Maleficent- such a great story!

  • Lunch with friends who live too far away now.

  • Being able to semi-bartend in heels.  ;)

  • Danielle Laporte's Desire Map. I read the Firestarter sessions a while back and it was very inspiring!

  • The good people of Netflix - its my get away place on my lazy days off.

  • New crisp lavender sheets!

Awaiting the next loopty-loop,

<3 Sab

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outfit Under $50

I am a firm believer that having style has nothing to do with how much you paid for a piece in your wardrobe. It's all about what inspires you, how you put it together, and knowing how to rock it.True style is eternal and you can not buy it- it's a bit like rhythm, you either have it or you don't. With that being said I definitely can dance but I am also a bargain shopper, have always been. I prefer to get most of my pieces at thrift shops, garage sales, department store sales, vintage expos and I do buy the occasional cheap & chic piece from lower end mall stores. I prefer to buy pre-owned clothing and accessories when I can. Not only is it economically friendly there is nothing like the hunt.  I enjoy sifting through a round rack of old clothes that once was stuffed to the back of someone else's closet. Its true; one persons trash is another person's treasure. There also is no comparison to finding a unique piece that has already lived a life before you purchased it. I enjoy knowing that the pre-owned clothes I buy have a story and that once purchased it's next page is a chapter in my life. I also know that what I buy in a used clothing store usually means only I will be wearing it, since its mass production trend life cycle has already passed. 

The cheaper price doesn't hurt either. I refuse to pay retail for anything! Working retail both on the front lines and behind the scenes as a buyer has ruined me. Since I am now aware of how much things actually cost to make, the ridiculously cheap quality the fashion industry has come to depend on and the super high mark up, not to mention a built in markdown cost I can no longer buy anything at retail price because I just feel like I am cheating myself. And trust me they are cheating you too - but I won't get too ranty right now- that's a whole other blog post. 

Bottom line is an outfit does not need to cost an arm and a leg.This outfit costed me a grand total of $38.94! I styled everything around the striped denim pants I got at H&M last week for $4.95. Yes, these amazing ass-flattering pants were under 5 bucks! I originally got that too-good-to-be-true feeling in my gut when I picked them up to try them on because well, something that is on promotion for $4.95 has got to have some major flaws, right!? Like maybe the fabric is paper thin, or maybe they are capable of showing your thong because they are so low when you crouch down, or maybe the cut is just weird? Turns out they are not that bad. I mean obviously the most picky person in the world bought them, me.I even got a few compliments on my ass-et if ya know what I mean. Also only 5 bucks were these cute booties I got at a garage sale last Spring. Can't beat that price! The backpack is perfect for my commute. I picked it up a few summers ago at a thrift store in San Diego for 3 bucks! I find myself wearing it everyday now. Why backpacks ever went "out" of style is beyond me. My blouse is the most pricey at $17.99 from Forever 21. Hello, on trend outfit for under $50 dollars. 

Outfit Anatomy
Top: Forever 21-$17.99
Cami: Forever 21- $4
Pants: H&M- $4.95
Booties: Garage sale- $5
Necklace: Forever 21- $4
Backpack: Thrifted- $3

Living for the hunt,

<3 Sab

Monday, April 7, 2014

The California Life

This Sunday, like a kid on Christmas morning, I woke up unbelievably excited because I was going to the beach! I couldn't wait to take the hour drive to destination: Paradise. I happily slathered on my SPF, packed some sandwiches, snacks and of course wine along with my beach blanket, threw on my shades,and was out the door. Oh, and of course, naturally, I dressed like a modern mermaid, spritzed my hair with sea salt spray, and  even packed on the gold foil shimmer eyeshadow. :)

A Bay Area girl through and through I decided a couple years ago to move to San Diego. It was a great few years of living with two of my best friends, club hopping in the Gaslamp, meeting amazing people, and of course practically living at the beach. I got really spoiled as many San Diegans do, and probably the reason they never leave, because they either get the luxury of living on the beach or having access to it within 10 minutes. Now that I am back in the Bay Area I have realized that it was the best decision I have made in a long time. I feel a deep connection to this place I call home and wouldn't have it any other way. It's not 75 degrees all year round but I like it that way. We have everything and more here; art, culture, diversity, amazing food and of course sky-high rent prices but the one thing that has been calling my name to head back down south is the hot sand, crisp breeze and smell of the ocean one can only find at the beach.

Although I no longer reside in Sunny San Diego I am unbelievably lucky to be a California girl. We have every terrain possible within just a few hours drive. Want snow? Head to Tahoe. Want city? San Francisco or LA is a hop skip and a jump away. Want mountains, hills and camping? Umm, yeah beautiful Yosemite and many more amazing campgrounds exist here. Want the ocean? Drive an hour to the coast nestled in the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz. Which is exactly what I did this Sunday.

Who needs San Diego when I can drive an hour to the Santa Cruz coast!? Luckily we have been going through an insane heat wave this "Spring" and I was able to go visit the sunny sands of Capitola in April.
My friend and I had the BEST day. We didn't listen to the radio on the entire drive through the beautiful 680 through San Jose and along the windy CA 17 and instead just lusted after the beauty of the green hills, valleys, and the way the clouds float in the crisp blue skies. "This looks exactly like Italy"  my friend said. "We live in the most beautiful place ever", she continued and I can not help to agree.

Once we reached Capitola and found parking we headed down the hill towards the ocean breeze but were stopped by the perfect metaphysical shop that one could only discover in a sleepy beach town. Its called Avalon Visions.  It reminded me of the one I used to frequent in Ocean Beach in San Diego called Tree of Life and I was happy to find something comparable here in the Bay Area.  We spent an hour or so observing a photo of a woman's aura being captured, talking to the lovely shop owners and perusing the crystals and oils. In case you haven't realized I am a witchy woman at heart.

Amazing selection of crystals for an affordable price at Avalon Visions

Each oil serves a different purpose. The "Money drawing" oil actually has strips of cash in it. I ended up getting the "Divine Love" oil because, well, why not?

After purchasing some rocks, oils and candles we plopped down on the beach. The sand was beneath my toes and I was one happy lady!The rest of the day consisted of beach napping, reapplying the SPF, playing with a Shitzu-Yorkie mix named Bella, complimenting little-ones on their rad swimsuits, drinking wine with strawberries, and just generally chillin. It was so relaxing. On the ride home in my best friend's convertible while blasting and swaying to the dopest beats on the radio I could not help but to be overwhelmed with gratitude for being a California girl.

Outfit Anatomy
Bathing Suit - Target
Mermaid Skirt - Twirl, San Diego

Brushing off the sand,

<3 Sab

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Splashed Bomber

This jacket though.

I needed it in my life the moment I saw it hanging on the rack at AMVETS in San Diego. A shiny over-sized bomber with an awesome floral print that reminds me of a kimono and the A must have combination. The best part is that it is reversible! SOLD! Everyone knows I love me a 2 for 1. I styled it with a braided belt that defined my waist, which definitely got lost in this voluminous beauty. Every tiny person knows that if you have top volume you gotta dwindle it down on the bottom half. My disco pants were perfect for the job. Love this outfit. I felt like some sort of Pointillist Gangster that roamed the streets in the 80's.

Outfit Anatomy
Jacket: Thrifted
Dress: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Leggings: Flashbacks, San Diego
Boots: Gifted from Mom, Aldo

Reversing it to the black side,

<3 Sab

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Clash of Decades

(A new meaning to "be" the fence. So white but I love it)

(Can't keep a straight face like ever)

Outfit Anatomy
Dress: Thrifted Vintage
Belt: Gifted from Grandma
Leggings: Gifted
Boots: Gifted from Mom, Aldo

I am absolutely obsessed with black and white anything. I don't know why but most of the time it's the clearer option for me and is a lot easier to accessorize. A black and white outfit also tends to compliment my hair when it decides to shows its red side- rawrr. I nabbed this little checkered number at a thrift store in San Diego. Hello 90's - my fav! While I adore its boxy feel this teeny lady's body needs to look proportioned! I'm all for the "over-sized" look and to be honest I've been wearing it most of my life considering nothing ever fits (even my first baby outfit from the hospital was three sizes to big for a peanut like me), but a good belt is perfect for bringing an outfit together and defining the waist. My grandmother just recently gave me "her favorite belt" which now of course is my favorite belt. This amazing silver sand dollar belt is probably from the late 70's early 80's (grandma didn't say) and is the perfect compliment to this little 90's dress. One of my favorite things to do is to clash decades or pair something vintage with something ultra modern for a new twist on an everyday look. I was going for a more casual look so I added my clunky boots but this outfit could be kicked up a notch with some fun printed kitten heels and maybe some colorful tights! What are your favorite decades to clash?

Forever a 90's kid,

<3 Sab

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Everyday is a Gift

Take a few minutes to think of all the great things you get to experience every day.

This week I am ever so thankful for:

  • Talks with best friends

  • Green tea & Honey

  • The amazing costume styling on AHS: Coven

  • Having running water

  • The nice handy man who came and fixed our heater that all of a sudden would not turn off


  • it will make you smile or cry or both

  • Being able to bar-tend with my Dad to make some extra dough

  • Footy Pajamas

  • Getting to spend time with good kids that respect others and have a pretty cute smile

  • Old co-workers & friends still looking out for me

  • Good interviews

  • Working out my body & getting stronger!

  • Re-visiting old dreams

  • My health! 

Life is about the journey,

<3 Sab

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Operation Organization: Makeup & Vanity

OK. So, I have a confession to make. 

My name is Sabrina and ....I. AM. A. MAKEUP. JUNKIE.

Ah, it felt nice to get that one off of my chest. 

But really.... I have caboodles, bags, and boxes of makeup. And of course I tend to use the same thing everyday which is just a fat waste of product and space! So in honor of utilizing what I have and getting organized in 2014  I decided to figure out a way that I can display everything I have with a lot more order and visual appeal. This is how it looks after a few hours of organizing. :)

Instagram Pic @fabsabagram

Thanks to my best friend's awesome bargaining skills I got this vanity a couple years ago at a thrift store for just 15 bucks! Its a little scratched, is missing a drawer and probably once belonged to a nine year old but I love it! She also made the sweet chair.

Here are some quick tips I used to keep it all together and accessible:

1)  Clean & Dust! Make sure everything is so fresh and so clean, clean before you go ahead covering your space with containers and products you put on your face everyday!

2) Make your brushes, eyeliners and lip liners accessible. Get some containers. I got some at Target and I had some glass ones left over from a previous project that I wasn't using. I organized them by category;  glosses, liners, brushes and foundations. I also found an old soap tray that I used for bigger awkward items like lotion, deodorant, creams etc. YAY for utilizing more stuff that I already own! I happened to have these white rocks laying around so I went ahead and filled the containers with them. It helped raise up my smaller makeup brushes so they are easier to see and it looks nice!

I also saw a great version using sand, if you have the space and don't have a cat that can potentially knock it over. Why do they always have to jump on stuff?

Pink sand! YES please.

If you don't want to spend any money, or very little which I am all for, there are some easy things you can find around the house or save after using. Save those jelly or mason jars, get some cute cups on sale at Target or even at the dollar store, re-use aluminum soup cans (peel the labels off and make em' pretty). There are plenty of things you can use that you already own if you just think about them in a new way!

These glittered-up mason jars are adorable. I  might have to make some in the future...

3) Place all your lipsticks in color groups. Reds, Nudes, Pinks. That way you can see what you own (always buying the same shade of pink perhaps?) and its easier to grab. I used a three-section plastic container from Target. I also added a section for chap-stick and balms because I use those every day.

4) Create your own makeup "tray". I use mineral makeup and lets face it, it gets all over. I needed something that I could place it on that would be easy to clean, instead of it dropping onto the wood surface of my vanity. I thought I could get an old vanity mirror but I wanted instant gratification so instead I went searching through my cupboards for something to use. I ended up finding some old picture frames that were not being used. I figured I could do some type of collage inside but instead I found a scrap of old fabric that made it look pretty! It was pretty simple I just wrapped the cardboard that came in the frame with the fabric I had and glued it down. Then I slid the cardboard back into the frame and voila! Instant, printed, makeup tray. :)

5) Get your hair tools all in one place. If you don't put your tools in your bathroom you can consider storing them in a pretty box, or those plastic rolling containers. I got this handy rolling cart from the Container Store. It holds all of my irons, hair brushes, and blow dryer and I also added my makeup pallets on top. It fits in small spaces easily too!

This isn't a bad idea for makeup pallets either! Organize them by using pot lid holders!

There is also this magnetic makeup board which I will be making in the future! Perhaps I can do a DIY post!

I hope my tips have helped you! What are your makeup & beauty organization tricks?

No longer wondering where "that-one-lipstick" is,

<3 Sab